Virginia Deberry,dDnna gGant - Tryin'tT sSeep iI tTe bBd yYu mMde

Virginia Deberry,dDnna gGant - Tryin'tT sSeep iI tTe bBd yYu mMde

Título: Tryin'tT sSeep iI tTe bBd yYu mMde

El autor: Virginia Deberry,dDnna gGant

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 19.01.2019

Género: Filología

ISBN: 9781620958124

Tamaño: 7.10MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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In 1989, Gayle Saunders Hilliard is living a nightmare. Her husband, Ramsey, a compulsive gambler, has committed suicide, leaving Gayle, her young daughter and her widowed mother destitute. Pressed to add to her income as a receptionist, Gayle, who is African American, takes a part-time job as a maid at a suburban New York hotel, where she encounters her childhood best friend, Pat Reid, a polished executive for an ad agency. Pat, who was taken in by Gayles parents and brought up as family after her mother abandoned her, hasnt spoken to Gayle in 10 years?ever since Gayle neglected to pick her up at an abortion clinic because she was tied up with her gambler husband. In flashbacks, we see Gayles upbringing as the indulged child of older parents, and Pats need to revise her family history as she becomes a workaholic and claws her way up the hierarchy of Manhattan corporate life. Eventually, the two draw upon their shared past to rebuild their lives. The authors have collaborated seamlessly on this well-paced debut. Their heroines are balanced and clearly drawn, while their plot manages to spring myriad surprises without resorting to obvious gimmickry. In an age when personal responsibility is often abrogated in the name of early childhood emotional trauma, Pat and Gayle are refreshingly honest characters, accepting of their own and each others shortcomings. This novel about the friendship of three African Americans from their childhood meeting through their present-day lives is filled with fast-paced events that pull readers into the story. Gayle Saunders, growing up in a home with caring, loving parents, seems to have it all?beauty, charisma, and eventually a rich, handsome husband and a beautiful daughter; she loses almost everything and ends up in a homeless shelter.